Waste Disposal Units Buyers Guide

Waste Disposal Units Buyers Guide

What is a waste disposal unit or garbage disposer?

A food waste disposal unit is a contemporary kitchen equipment. It offers a brand new manner to manage food waste in the present day domestic. It is installed below the kitchen sink and is connected to the drain.

How do they work and what’s first-class?

There are kinds of waste disposal unit with a view to both fit for your kitchen sink without delay underneath the kitchen waste.

The first kind, and most common, is the Lytham St Annes Skip Hire continuous feed unit. This type of unit will allow you to add meals waste to the unit at the same time as it is running. This kind will also can help you run water from your kitchen sink mixer tap on the same time as you upload the waste food to the unit.

The second kind is known as a batch feed unit. This kind of unit will can help you upload an amount of waste to the unit and will then lock down the sink waste. Generally while the sink waste has been locked down the unit will simplest then start to operate.


In addition to lowering family waste, a meals waste unit can reduce the quantity of waste that is going to land-fill. Waste has turn out to be a first-rate worldwide problem and legally binding limits had been installed for some countries on the amount of food waste that may be used as land-fill. A garbage disposer can lessen the quantity of waste going to land-fill dramatically, by way of up to 50%. Life-cycle studies have identified foremost price advantages from the usage of the unit in place of land-fill strategies alone.


Manufacturers of waste disposal devices consist of Franke and InSinkErator.

A few things to reflect onconsideration on earlier than buying

Ensure your sink base unit is big enough to residence your unit as it will regularly upload to the width required.
Always run plenty of water via the unit after used to prevent blockages.
Avoid putting “stringy” objects including flower stems into the unit as this will block the mechanism.
Ensure there is enough “fall” at the waste pipe to save you blockages.
Use larger waste pipework on longer runs to prevent blockages.

Most disposal devices are appropriate for connection to a sink with an 89mm or 3½ inch waste outlet.

A waste disposal unit can be a first-rate addition for your kitchen. It is extraordinarily vital that the set up of a unit is completed with the aid of a certified plumber and electrician.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning your waste disposal unit is quick and easy. Firstly, the first-class way to insure that the rubbish disposer is saved smooth is to usually rinse a little cold water through after any waste product has been processed. Simply depart the waste disposer on and run bloodless water thru for some seconds.

You can also strive filling your rubbish disposer with cubes of ice and including a touch rock salt and then turning the unit on till all of the ice has been processed. The mixture of the salt and ice will remove any particles or sludge that has accumulated in the sump of the disposer.

Lemon or orange peels additionally help to neutralize foul smells, so positioned those in after any stronger smelling food merchandise.

Generally you do not need to worry, as maximum waste disposal devices sold nowadays include chrome steel grinding enamel and are designed optimally, in order that meals is absolutely processed trough the unit and passes immediately into the drainage gadget.

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