The trends in the hospitality industry in Dubai

Dubai, without any doubt, is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. With its magnificent infrastructure, extravagant shopping malls, and alluring hotels, you will never experience an elite lifestyle-like that of Dubai. The events that took place this year, regardless of the pandemic, like The Dubai Expo 2020, the inauguration of the first Theme Park and the opening of Warner Bros World are making Dubai the go-to place for luxury tours and holidays this upcoming year.

With numbers of developments already making their way towards success, the trends that are governing the hospitality industry are gaining momentum in full-force in Dubai. Although many factors are responsible for the shift in the hospitality industry in Dubai, the one that is the most worthy of mentioning is innovation. Other than that, various socio-economic parameters are responsible for transforming the way Dubai handles its hotel business. Once, the Madinat Jumeirah living resorts and apartments were just a fantasy for many, but now it’s a massive possibility for everyone!

This year, Dubai tourism announced that in the next two years, there is going to be a whopping 11% increase in its hotel inventory. Moreover, more than 132,000 rooms are expected to be available for global visitors in the Emirate. With thousands of tourists flying in to explore this magical city, Dubai is now one of the top ten destinations to visit in the world. Due to this, the government is focusing on the hospitality industry more than ever. The experts in this field are experimenting with different approaches to make the visitors at ease and to provide them with a luxurious and unforgettable stay.

The social trends that are shaping Dubai’s hospitality industry

The change in attitude. whether it is social, economic, or technological can transform the way an industry works. Similarly, the hospitality industry in Dubai is evolving as the experts are coming up with futuristic solutions to enhance how hotels manage and accommodate the guests. The following are the trends that you need to know about the modern hospitality industry in Dubai.

#1 Healthy food

The modern world is opting for a healthy route when it comes to food. The Middle East is following the same course. Recent studies have shown that there has been a spike in demand for organic products, nutrient focused food, label scrutiny, and health-friendly food. In the Middle East, health and wellness are about to increase by 7% next year. These changes are the cause of a positive impact on the way hotels are dealing with their management and catering. They are more mindful of what to serve and how to attract more and more customers with the help innovating menus for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

#2 Pop-up eateries

When one talks about the hospitality industry of a country, the economic status of the tourists must be taken into consideration as well. With that said, the city of Dubai is no longer class-bound. As people with middle-class backgrounds are also visiting Dubai to experience the high life on a budget, pop-up eateries and fast casuals are on the rise. Visitors that are not from a luxury background are more in number than the ones who are visiting Dubai in recent years. In order to cater to their needs, the tourism authorities are working on opening more and more economical restaurants and eateries.

#3 Collaboration of hotels and restaurants

One of the leading trends that have significantly changed the tourist industry in Dubai is the hotel-restaurant deal. Independent restaurants and eateries are working together to give a diverse environment to the visitors of the elite city. The hotels are entrusted with the job of providing a world-class experience while the eateries are supposed to bring out the latest F&B trends to the table. This futuristic duo is one of the reasons why Dubai is in the spotlight as one of the favourite cities to visit for food enthusiasts.

#4 Cheap hotel rates

Previously, the hotels in Dubai were not as affordable as they are now. The experts of the hospitality industry realised that if they start offering reasonable rates when it comes to accommodation, the amount of tourists coming into the city increases by double surprisingly. Many extravagant hotels and resorts, like Emaar Beachfront, followed this strategy and helped amplify the tourism industry in Dubai.

These ground-breaking trends are going to transform the way visitors and tourists seek out Dubai for sure!


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