The Effects Of Child Birth On Your Body and Mind

Child birth is probably one of the most rewarding as well as traumatic experiences that any woman can possibly go through. Child birth and the time leading up to the actual event can have a wide range of effects on the human body both in terms of stress and strain on the entire biological system as well as negative effects and trauma to the skin before, during and after child birth.

The largest organ that the human body has is the skin and during the course of an average human being’s life time the skin is put under all kinds of stress and trauma, being stretched, scraped, scratched, cut, squeezed, tanned or even burned. Yet it always tries to heal itself as best it can but will often leave a scar as a reminder of what ever trauma it had to endure.

Effects Of Child Birth, Remedies And Preventative Measures
It is not only the event of child birth that has negative effects on the mother’s skin but also the nine or so months that are leading up to the actual child birth. While the mother is carrying her baby her bay is taking all the nourishment it needs to survive directly from her body. This will effectively put a massive strain on the mother’s natural resources such as her iron and calcium levels.

This strain has a very negative effect on the mother’s skin and bones, reduced levels of calcium lead to weaker bones and also effect the skin. Essential fatty acids that are needed to keep the skin supple and healthy are also drastically reduced and the mother needs to take preventative as well as additive measure to ensure that the trauma is not permanent.
Using high quality grade vitamin E based tissue oil daily throughout ones pregnancy will go a considerably long way to preventing stretch marks in high trauma areas around the belly and legs in particular. Other preventative and restorative measures include taking a comprehensive range of vitamins and tissue salts as well as complimentary minerals to combat the effects of child birth from the inside.

Asside from the physical trauma in birth, mothers can expierience a number of psycological side effects too that can lead to a number of hidden deeper trauma issues and in either herself or the baby.

The term “birth trauma” refers to the distress that a mother goes through either during or after the process of giving birth. Even though trauma can manifest itself physically, it more commonly manifests emotionally and psychologically. The events of labour and delivery are not the only factors that can contribute to birth trauma.

It’s also possible to be talking about how you, as the mother, are left feeling after everything has happened. Birth trauma can be caused by a variety of factors, including mechanical force, excessive use of delivery drugs, improper management of abnormal presentation, and other complications. Mechanical force is the most common cause of birth trauma. By adhering to the best care practises and deftly managing complications during labour and delivery, doctors can protect their patients from traumatic birth experiences. Infants may experience negative effects after suffering birth trauma.

The effects of birth trauma can manifest in a variety of ways, including difficulties with feeding, bonding, and even mental health. There are a lot of different things that parents and midwives can do to help their children recover from birth trauma and prevent the kind of trauma that can occur during birth. Even though it can be upsetting and even traumatic for infants, giving birth is a completely natural process.

During the labour and delivery process, they may experience feelings of rage, panic, and dissociation, which can sometimes overwhelm them. Research has also demonstrated a connection between a traumatic birth experience and developmental delays such as attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum disorder. It is estimated that at least 80 percent of children who suffer from developmental delay have a history of a difficult birth. In point of fact, the percentage of children who suffer from developmental delay has been steadily increasing.

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