Even if you don’t have kids or pets, chances are you’re concerned about the buildup of toxic chemicals on your lawn. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid pests like nematodes and other underground insects that can cause serious damage to your lawn. However, instead of running straight for the chemical section of your lawn and garden store, put in a little time and effort and use one of the many organic products available to you. Moreover, you might still prefer to hire professional cleaning service in UK to do all the work for you while you sit and watch. You’ll feel better about your lawn and help protect the environment at the same time!

Shellfish Fertilizer

Even though crushed seashell is classified as a nutrient product, it also helps to promote the development of organisms that discourage harmful nematodes. Not only will your lawn have the advantage of additional calcium, you will also be providing a safe, natural way for your lawn’s ecosystem to manage a harmful parasite issue.

Predatory Insects

One of the best kept secrets of lawn care tips are ladybugs, the praying mantis, and aphid predators. These are some of the most powerful hunters of annoying insects – so use them to your advantage! Even a handful of these naturally occurring insects can protect your lawn for years. You may also want to try lacewings and spined soldier bugs, depending on which pests are plaguing your lawn. In addition, red earthworms can be used to control insects that lay eggs in the soil. As the earthworms consume the eggs, they’ll also provide valuable nutrition and aeration for your lawn.

Garlic Extracts

Many natural pesticides include garlic extracts – and for good reason. Despite what you may expect, these solutions don’t have a strong odor and can prevent leaf and blade chewing insects from attacking plants. Feel free to experiment with fresh garlic cloves and other natural materials to come up with your own pest-fighting formula.

Milky Spore Powder

Japanese beetles are the bane of any lawn owner – and chances are if you see one, there are hundreds more lurking around. These obnoxious insects can devastate a lawn or shrubs in a matter of days. Japanese beetles have developed a resistance to most of the chemically-based pesticides on the market, so going organic is definitely to your advantage here. Milky spore powder is a safe, natural, and easy way to rid your lawn of these unsightly insects.

Attract Birds

Whether they’re lovely songbirds or irritating crows, most birds rely on insects for their diet. If you can attract them to your lawn, they’ll naturally go after mosquitoes, houseflies, slugs, nematodes and other pests found around your yard. Set up bird feeders and bird baths around your lawn to help control your insect population. Just be careful – a bird bath full of standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so empty and clean it regularly!

Although there are many different organic pesticides available, do your research before purchasing them. It’s important to remember that any compound – even natural ones – can be a form of poison, depending on the dose you expose your lawn to. If you can identify the specific insect that you are having trouble with, find a natural solution that targets only that problem and be sure you apply a safe dose. Over time, as these compounds build up, you may find that you need to apply less and less to manage your pests – protecting your lawn and the environment for years to come. You can find several other deep cleaning guide online to help you with your cleaning adventures.


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