Design of Your Home Theater

Home theater design and home theater systems in general have become more than just a luxury for the rich and famous. Home entertainment theater systems are increasing in popularity due to the extraordinarily high prices for plasma and flat screens dropping. These falling prices make owning a home theater system more doable for middle class families. But before you rush out to purchase a system, be sure to consider your home theater design.

Home theater design varies depending on the size of your room, and the size of your wallet. For a smaller family room, you can easily create you own home theater design. If you have a large room you wish to convert into a home theater for large groups and install a true cinema-like atmosphere, you may need to call in a professional to set up your home theater design.

There are three basic components to home theater design; seating, speakers and screen. For a smaller room, home theater design experts recommend that you layout your home theater furniture and seating directly in front of your screen approximately 8 to 10 feet away for the optimum movie-like effect.

The most important element of home theater design is your screen or television. There is a big buzz among the home theater design community these days about the benefits of flat screen, plasma, LCD and projection televisions. There are literally thousands of makes, models and sizes to choose from. You can read all about it, in depth in the articles listed below. Home theater design professionals recommend a screen no smaller than 27 inches for a smaller family home theater. This will ensure you are getting a true movie theater-like experience.

Another important factor in home theater design is the sound system. For a smaller home theater, a three speaker surround system set up is recommended by the pros. Surround sound is one of the key factors in home theater design, this is what makes movies exciting! For the surround sound effect, install one speaker on the left side of room, one on the right side and one in the center of the room.

Home theater design experts may need to be called in to give you a full five speaker set up if you have a larger home theater. There are many different extravagant components to choose from as far as surround sound systems go for home theaters. You can add amplifiers, sub woofers and a whole assortment of components to give your home the true cinema sound. Home theater design for sound quality can range from $150 to thousands; it all depends on your pocket book.

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