Can Machine Learning (A.I)  Help Casinos Reduce Problem Gambling?

Mr. Kjaergaard stated that Mindway has secured contracts to provide its services to seven operators based in Denmark, two operators based in both Germany and the Netherlands, one global operator, and one operator based in the United States that is involved in sports gambling since it began operations in 2018. According to the annual reports of both companies, New Man Arms and Entain, two of the most prominent names in the world of online gaming, have joined forces with Mindway.


Mindway and other businesses like it are essentially on their own for the time being because this technology is still in its infancy and there is no regulatory body in place to establish a standard. “We wanted to be able to say to you, to anyone else — obviously, operators — that not only do we provide this scientific-based software, but we also want a third party to test the validation of what we do,” Mr. Kjargaard explained. “We wanted to be able to say that we not only provide scientific-based software, but we also want a third party to test the validity of what we do.” “However,” you might say, “the fact that there are no specific requirements that I can ask my staff to meet is a paradox.”


The majority of Mindway’s technologies can currently be found in online gaming. Operators connect Mindway’s GameScanner system to their portal, and once activated, it assesses not only individual dangers but also overall system risks. It is much more difficult to apply the same level of oversight to in-person gambling.


Macau is an excellent example of successful success measurement. Casino operators in that region use poker chips with radio-frequency identification technology and sensors on baccarat tables to monitor gamblers’ betting patterns. Hidden cameras and facial recognition software are also used for this purpose. This data is then sent to a centralized database, which monitors a player’s performance and looks for instances of collusion among players.


This, according to Mr. Kjrgaard, is the future: financial incentives will be the primary determinant of success. “Smart tables” and initiatives to combat money laundering and banking restrictions may one day provide data that will accelerate the application of artificial intelligence to in-person gaming. This would be a huge step forward.


(It also highlights another barrier that must be overcome before AI can be applied to gambling: cultural differences.) According to Ms. Abarbanel, players in Chinese casinos are used to this level of supervision; however, this is not the case in US casinos.)


Mr. Feldman believes that artificial intelligence would be beneficial to casinos in terms of marketing, promotions, and game suggestions; however, despite recent advances, he remains skeptical of AI’s utility in the treatment of problem gamblers. In his opinion, using such a tool on an individual basis rather than on a larger scale would be more beneficial. This is similar to the notifications that appear in online banking accounts that say, “Your expenditure is 25% higher than last month.”

Enhanced Protection and Safety Measures for Players


It is necessary to implement security measures in order to provide safe environments due to the increasing number of people who gamble online for real money using their personal computers or mobile devices. The use of AI has proven to be an efficient method for operators to protect player privacy and carry out payment processing in the safest possible manner. When it comes to providing users with a safe environment in which to place bets, the best websites will utilise cutting-edge AI software.


AI comes in a few different flavours, and SSL encryption software is one of them. In the context of an online casino, this is a primary component of the cybersecurity measures taken. It is a system that aids in the protection of sensitive information during the processing of financial transactions. It helps to prevent account hacking and fraud by preventing the information from falling into the hands of third parties and prevents the information from being stolen.


Bettors who are gambling want to be sure that their money and the information associated with their accounts are secure at all times. Websites are now able to provide extremely high levels of protection and remove any possibility that their users’ banking information or credit card details could be accessed by cybercriminals or other thieves thanks to advancements in technology.

Personalized Learning Experience


When participating in online gambling, members want to have a personalised experience, and AI can help provide this for them. AI will work to collect player data in order to determine the games that players access the most frequently, the amount of money that they wager, and even the frequency with which a site is accessed. After that, projections are made using these particulars as input. After that, the operators are able to personalise the experience of playing online games by recommending certain games to you when you log in.


When a player logs in, for instance, they will be given a list of games that have a high RTP if they are a frequent searcher for slot games that offer high returns and frequently visit the site. We have evaluated a large number of websites that have high payouts and RTPs that have been verified. This personalised list of recommendations is an excellent way to choose a casino game that will offer the best return to player (RTP) and chances of earning payouts. There are many sites that offer some of the best online casino payouts Australia has to offer, and this list is a great way to take advantage of that.


Websites will also use this to develop enticing bonus programmes and promotional offers for members who have registered for their services. With the information that is collected, websites are able to personalise the promotions they provide in order to appeal to the preferences of the players who access their sites for online gambling. One example of this would be providing free spins bonuses to players who consistently play online slots.

Get Rid of That Cheating!

Websites that make use of artificial intelligence are better able to detect users who are trying to cheat or who are engaged in fraudulent activity. When using an AI programme, the behavioural patterns of members are recorded, and the data can be used to determine whether or not any player is cheating when they are playing games. There are some positive effects that artificial intelligence has had on cheating, but there are also some negative effects that come along with the technology. Gamblers can also use AI systems to get around the detection services that are in place at a site if they want to.

The ability to quickly detect specific patterns that can identify users who are cheating or who are attempting to alter game results is one of the impacts that this has for online casinos. Those who are discovered to be participating in unfair play may have investigations opened into them, and their accounts may be terminated. It is possible to cheat when playing table games or live casino titles that are not controlled by a random number generator, despite the fact that cheating in games is not particularly simple to accomplish.



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